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Practice Areas

The Law Office of Reagen Kulseth in Tucson

Areas of Practice

The Law Office of Reagen Kulseth is experienced with both civil and criminal cases in Tucson.

Reagen Kulseth provides legal counsel for:

  • Family law
  • Matrimonial law
  • Divorce and legal separation petitions
  • Relocation petitions
  • Child support modification
  • Child legal decision-making authority (custody) modification
  • Power of Attorney
  • Living wills
  • Simple wills

Tucson Matrimonial Laws & Family Laws

Our Tucson divorce firm handles the many aspects that involve a divorce or separation. Any matrimonial issue is complicated and unique. Our attorney understands the importance of finding the most appropriate solution for each family. Reagen Kulseth provides families and spouses with their options and guides them through each step of the legal process. Call us if you are looking for a lawyer for assistance with child legal decision-making authority (child custody) modifications, child support modifications, legal separation, divorce, paternity issues, relocation petitions, or any of the many other matrimonial issues. At the Law Office of Reagen Kulseth we believe you are entitled to receive fast and effective solutions that will help restore your peace of mind.

Contact the office of Reagen Kulseth for a free evaluation of your case. Protecting your rights is our highest priority.

Living Wills & Simple Wills

A severe accident or injury can occur suddenly to anyone, and can leave you and your family’s life permanently altered. While no one is ever expecting a severe or near death incident, everyone should be prepared for one. Having a living will, regardless of your current age or health condition, will safeguard your future and determine how you choose to be medically treated in case of an emergency. A living will states how to proceed if you become incapacitated by illness, injury, or old age. A living will outlines your wishes with respect to health care and medical treatment and describes your definition of quality of life. A living will specifies your wishes with regard to artificial hydration and nutrition, when to use CPR to resuscitate you, and when to use or remove artificial respiration.

At the Law Office of Reagen Kulseth, we can assist you with your living will so you can be assured you will receive the medical care you desire. Do not let someone else make the most important decisions for you. The Law Office of Reagen Kulseth can assist you to legally document your life decisions as well as handle a simple will for those you leave behind in case of a death. If you pass away you want to feel confident that your family and loved ones are taken care of. To ensure that peace of mind you will need a simple will to determine how your belongings will be distributed. While no one wants to think about an emergency or death, a living and simple will is the safest way to ensure your decisions will be carried out regardless of scenario.

Our Goal at the Law Office of Reagen A. Kulseth

It is our goal to assist you in making the best choices for your situation. Your case will be handled promptly and professionally throughout your case. We will provide you with the legal education, representation, and guidance in a way that you are comfortable with. However, you ultimately make the decisions as to how your case will be handled. Contact us today for your free consultation at Reagen Kulseth at (520) 888-4200, or contact our matrimonial attorney in Tucson.

Last Updated: 01/23/2015