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Mandatory Parental Education Class

On April 18, 1996, Arizona established Domestic Relations Education on Children's Issues Programs throughout the state. This law requires every parent of a minor child who files for divorce, separation, parenting time/custody, or paternity to attend a Parent Education class. Additionally, a Court may order attendance when parents are involved in a child support case or seek to change an order for custody or parenting time.

The class has been designed for the purpose of sharing information with parents about the impact that divorce, the restructuring of families and the court's involvement in your case can have on your child. The class provides information about how parents can help their child adjust to a divorce, the harmful effects of parental conflict on children; and tips on how to co-parent your child with your former partner. It is not a parenting skills class. The focus of the class is on how children and adults react to separation, divorce, and changes in the family. If you do not wish to attend class with the other parent, steps can be taken to ensure that you are not scheduled to attend the same class.

State law provides that the court cannot grant the LDMA and/or parenting time request of a parent who does not attend the class. In some instances the court may hold a party in contempt of court or impose other sanctions for refusal to take the class.

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Last Updated: 01/23/2015