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Tucson Family Law Attorney

Divorce (aka Dissolution of Marriage)

Reagen Kulseth provides family law representation as a marital dissolution attorney, as well as a child custody and child support lawyer. The consequences of a divorce or separation can be complicated and emotional for the entire family, especially the children involved. The Law Office of Reagen Kulseth will guide you through the child custody laws and assist you in finding the most appropriate child custody option for your family. It is our goal to make the process as smooth as possible.

Decision-Making Authority and Parenting Time

Following a divorce you will need to decide what type of decision-making authority and parenting time schedule will best suit your children.  It is our goal to familiarize you with the laws and guide you through each step of your case. Reagen Kulseth will present you with your options and fight for the legal authority and parenting time that you deserve. If you are in need of an amendment to your current schedule, The Law Office of Reagen Kulseth will represent you as your parenting time modification attorney. Whether you are in need of a child support lawyer for a new support case, or if you haven't received your child support in the past and need to take the case to court, we will fight for the support your children deserve and need. At Reagen Kulseth, we understand that your children are your most prized possession. We will work hard to move the case as quickly as possible with a positive outcome.

Child Support

Spousal Maintenance


Relocating With Your Child

Parental Education

Grandparent Rights

Establishing Paternity

How to Obtain an Order of Protection (Restraining Order)

Tucson Family & Child Decision-Making Authority and Parenting Time Laws

The child decision-making authority/parenting time and divorce laws vary in each state, which is why it is vital to your case to hire an experienced family law firm that is familiar with the Tucson family laws and court system. If you are in need of child custody, support or paternity lawyer, contact Reagen Kulseth for your $175 initial consultation today at (520) 888-4200 or email us to speak with a family law lawyer in Tucson.

Last Updated: 01/23/2015