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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Tucson

The amount of stress caused by debt can be difficult to handle alone. However, with the assistance of a Chapter 7 attorney in Tucson, you can declare bankruptcy and start over. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is specifically designed to give people a fresh start by eliminating debts. Here are some additional benefits of filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7:

  • Eligible for new loans: After a certain amount of time, usually several months, you will become eligible for new loans. This allows you to rebuild your credit and begin a new life.
  • End the harassment: The constant phone calls from creditors will come to end. Additionally, you can stop most of the garnishments that are affecting you.
  • Learn to manage credit responsibly: After filing for Tucson Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can learn to manage your finances more responsibly. Before filing you are required to take a credit counseling course that can provide you with valuable information about how to avoid falling into debt.

Alternatives to Chapter 7

While Chapter 7 can offer you relief from the burden of overwhelming debt, you should speak to a knowledgeable Tucson Chapter 7 lawyer to find out about other options you may have. Below is a list of alternatives to Chapter 7 bankruptcy that you may want to consider:

  • Negotiate with creditors: If you have some form of income, instead of declaring bankruptcy you may want to attempt to negotiate with creditors. As a result, you may gain some extra time to seek more consistent employment to pay off your debts in full. You may even be able to convince creditors to lower the amount they are seeking.
  • Setup a repayment plan: With the help of a Tucson Chapter 7 attorney and a collection agency, you may be able to set up a repayment plan that allows you to manage your debts.
  • Do nothing: Lastly, an option for some people who are facing overwhelming debt is to simply do nothing. This option is best suited for people who are living simply, have little to no income, and have few assets. Contact our Law Firm in Tucson today,

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